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As China OEM Cotton-like linen Curtain Fabric Suppliers and Cotton-like linen Curtain Fabric Company, Zhejiang Lenefit Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, around 60Km from Hangzhou and 120 Km from Shanghai. The founder of the company has been focusing on the coating fabric product industry for more than 20 years. With a team of professional with many years of experience in coating fabric field. Adhering to the business philosophy of “create a better life” to provide customers with professional coating product solutions. We have 2 factories with 18000 square meters and 300 workers. We supply Cotton-like linen Curtain Fabric Custom, our products mainly include different fabrics with high quality TPU coating. One of the black TPU coating is 100% blackout which is leading the industry standards and technology. Our high quality PUR TPU coating is low-carbon and environmentally friendly which can be used for clothing. We also developed TPU with multi-colored for green, grey, blue, coffee, etc.
We also have a lot of certificates, like BSCI for factories, OEKO-TEX for material.
Thanks for customer’s support for past years, and we will continue to provide professional solutions for all customers!


We have our own production workshops and warehouses, equipped with complete production and quality inspection equipment.

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What is cotton-like linen fabric, and how does it differ from traditional linen or cotton fabrics?

Cotton-like linen curtain fabric, also known as linen-cotton blend fabric, is a textile that combines the characteristics of both linen and cotton. It is created by blending flax fibers (used to make linen) with cotton fibers during the manufacturing process. Here's how cotton-like linen fabric differs from traditional linen and cotton fabrics:
Traditional Linen: Traditional linen fabric is made exclusively from flax fibers. It is known for its unique texture, breathability, and natural luster.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen fabric is a blend of flax and cotton fibers. The blend ratio can vary, but it typically contains a significant proportion of flax fibers with some cotton content.
Traditional Linen: Traditional linen has a coarse and slightly rough texture that is part of its characteristic appeal. It is known for its distinct hand feel and texture.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen aims to replicate the texture of traditional linen while incorporating the softness of cotton. It offers a smoother, more comfortable feel compared to pure linen.
Traditional Linen: Pure linen is highly breathable, making it ideal for warm-weather clothing due to its ability to wick moisture and allow air circulation.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen retains some of the breathability of traditional linen while being slightly less breathable due to the cotton content. It offers a balance between the breathability of linen and the softness of cotton.
Traditional Linen: While linen becomes softer with wear and washing, it is initially stiffer and may feel rough against the skin.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen fabric is softer and more comfortable from the outset, thanks to the cotton blend, while maintaining the appearance of linen.
Wrinkle Resistance:
Traditional Linen: Linen is known for its propensity to wrinkle easily, which is often seen as a characteristic feature.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen fabric tends to wrinkle less compared to pure linen, making it more practical for those who prefer a neater look.
Traditional Linen: Pure linen is durable and long-lasting, with fibers that become even stronger when wet.
Cotton-Like Linen: The durability of cotton-like linen fabric may vary depending on the blend ratio, but it generally offers good durability with some of the characteristics of linen.
Traditional Linen: Traditional linen is ideal for hot weather and casual wear, but its texture and wrinkle-prone nature can limit its versatility.
Cotton-Like Linen: Cotton-like linen fabric is more versatile, offering the benefits of both cotton and linen, making it suitable for a broader range of clothing and home textile applications.

What are the key characteristics and properties of cotton-like linen fabric?

Softness: Cotton-like linen fabric is significantly softer than traditional linen, owing to the inclusion of cotton fibers in the blend. This softness makes it more comfortable against the skin.
Texture: It retains the textured appearance of traditional linen, with a slightly coarse surface and natural, relaxed drape.
Breathability: Cotton-like linen curtain fabric provides good breathability, making it suitable for warm-weather clothing. It allows air circulation and wicks moisture away from the body.
Moisture Absorption: Like pure linen, cotton-like linen has good moisture absorption properties, helping to keep the wearer comfortable by absorbing perspiration.
Durability: While not as durable as traditional linen, cotton-like linen still offers a reasonable level of durability for clothing and textiles, thanks to the presence of flax fibers.
Wrinkle Resistance: Cotton-like linen wrinkles less than traditional linen, offering a more polished appearance while still maintaining some of the casual, lived-in look that linen is known for.
Versatility: Cotton-like linen fabric is versatile and suitable for a wide range of clothing and home textile applications, bridging the gap between the properties of cotton and traditional linen.
Hypoallergenic: It retains the hypoallergenic properties of pure linen, making it a good choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
Color Fastness: Cotton-like linen fabric holds dye well and can be found in various colors while retaining their vibrancy.
Sustainability: The use of natural fibers like linen and cotton makes cotton-like linen a relatively eco-friendly choice. It is biodegradable and comes from renewable plant sources.
Comfort: It offers a balance between the comfort of cotton and the texture of linen, making it a comfortable and stylish choice for various applications.
Temperature Regulation: Cotton-like linen fabric has some thermoregulatory properties, providing comfort in various temperature conditions.
Easy Care: While it still requires some care to maintain its appearance, cotton-like linen fabric is easier to manage than pure linen, with reduced wrinkling and easier laundering.
Fashionable Appearance: It combines the trendy appearance of linen with the comfort and softness of cotton, making it a fashionable choice for both clothing and home decor.
Blend Variations: The specific blend ratio of flax and cotton fibers can vary, allowing for customization of the fabric's characteristics to suit different preferences and applications.