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As China OEM Minor & Mass Customization Double Layer Curtain Manufacturers, Zhejiang Lenefit Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, around 60 km from Hangzhou and 120 Km from Shanghai. The founder of the company has been focusing on 100% BLACKOUT fabric product industry for more than 20 years. As a professional team with many years of experience in the coating fabric field. Adhering to the business philosophy of “create a better life” to provide customers with professional coating product solutions. We have 2 factories with 18000 square meters and 300 workers. As Custom Polyester+Polyurethane two layers' blackout coated curtain fabric Company, our products mainly include different fabrics with high quality TPU coating. One of the black TPU coating is 100% blackout which is leading the industry standards and technology. Our high quality TPU coating is low-carbon and environmentally friendly which can be used for clothing. We also developed TPU with multi-colored for green, grey, blue, coffee, etc. We also have a lot of certificates, like BSCI for factories, OEKO-TEX for materials. Thanks for your customer support for past years, and we will continue to provide professional solutions for all customers!

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, curtains play a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere of a space. The fusion of polyester and polyurethane in a two-layer blackout coated curtain fabric represents a cutting-edge solution that marries functionality with modern design. This innovative approach not only provides excellent light control and privacy but also introduces a new level of durability and versatility to window treatments.
The first layer of this groundbreaking curtain fabric is composed of polyester, a versatile and durable synthetic fiber. Polyester serves as the robust foundation of the curtain, offering resistance to wear and tear, and ensuring longevity. Known for its excellent color retention and shape stability, polyester provides a fabric base that stands the test of time, maintaining its aesthetic appeal even with regular use.
The second layer introduces a technological marvel with the inclusion of a Polyester+Polyurethane two layers' blackout coated curtain fabric. Polyurethane, a polymer known for its versatility and resilience, brings advanced light control to the forefront. This coating effectively blocks out sunlight, external lights, and UV rays, creating an environment of privacy and darkness. The polyurethane blackout coating is engineered to be not only highly effective but also thin and flexible, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with the polyester base without compromising the fabric's overall flexibility and drape.
Advantages of Polyester and Polyurethane Combination:
Extreme Durability:
The synergy between polyester and polyurethane results in a curtain fabric that excels in durability. Polyester's strength combined with polyurethane's resilience creates a robust material that withstands the rigors of daily use, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.
Outstanding Light Control:
The polyurethane blackout coating, in tandem with the polyester base, provides unparalleled light control. This makes these curtains an excellent choice for spaces where precise control over natural light is essential, such as bedrooms, home theaters, or any area where privacy is a priority.
Enhanced Privacy:
The dual-layer construction not only blocks light but also ensures enhanced privacy. The blackout coating prevents prying eyes from peering into the interior, creating a secluded and intimate atmosphere.
Energy Efficiency:
Similar to the three-layered fabric, the combination of polyester and polyurethane contributes to energy efficiency. The blackout coating acts as an insulator, helping regulate temperature and contributing to reduced energy consumption.
Versatility in Design:
The polyester-polyurethane blend offers a wide array of design possibilities. These curtains are available in various colors, patterns, and textures, providing interior designers and homeowners with the freedom to express their style while enjoying the functional benefits of blackout curtains.
Flexibility and Drapability:
Despite the advanced blackout technology, the two-layer construction ensures that the curtains maintain flexibility and drapability. This means they elegantly conform to the desired folds and shapes, creating a polished and sophisticated look.
Easy Maintenance:
Polyester's resistance to wrinkles and easy-care characteristics, coupled with the durability of polyurethane, results in curtains that are low-maintenance and retain their aesthetic appeal with minimal effort.
UV Protection:
The polyurethane blackout coating not only blocks light but also provides effective protection against harmful UV rays. This helps preserve the integrity of interior furnishings and prevents fading or damage due to prolonged sun exposure.
Noise Reduction:
The two-layer construction contributes to sound insulation, reducing external noise and creating a quieter indoor environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for those living in busy urban areas.
Innovative Modern Aesthetics:
The combination of polyester and polyurethane allows for the creation of curtains that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. These curtains can be the focal point of contemporary interiors while delivering exceptional functionality.