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As China OEM Oxford fabric composite black TPU coated tarpaulin fabric Suppliers, Zhejiang Lenefit Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, around 60 km from Hangzhou and 120 Km from Shanghai. The founder of the company has been focusing on 100% BLACKOUT fabric product industry for more than 20 years. As a professional team with many years of experience in the coating fabric field. Adhering to the business philosophy of “create a better life” to provide customers with professional coating product solutions. We have 2 factories with 18000 square meters and 300 workers. As Custom Oxford fabric composite black TPU coated tarpaulin fabric Company, our products mainly include different fabrics with high quality TPU coating. One of the black TPU coating is 100% blackout which is leading the industry standards and technology. Our high quality TPU coating is low-carbon and environmentally friendly which can be used for clothing. We also developed TPU with multi-colored for green, grey, blue, coffee, etc. We also have a lot of certificates, like BSCI for factories, OEKO-TEX for materials. Thanks for your customer support for past years, and we will continue to provide professional solutions for all customers!

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Oxford fabric composite black TPU coated tarpaulin fabric is a specialized material known for its durability, strength, and water-resistant properties.
1. Oxford Fabric:
Material Composition: Oxford fabric is a type of woven fabric, typically made from a blend of polyester and/or nylon fibers. The specific composition can vary, but it is known for being strong, lightweight, and durable.
Weave Pattern: Oxford fabric is often characterized by a basketweave pattern, created by a coarse and heavy yarn in the warp (longitudinal) direction and a finer yarn in the weft (horizontal) direction.
Strength and Durability: Oxford fabric is renowned for its strength and durability, making it suitable for various applications where a robust and long-lasting material is required.
2. TPU Coating:
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): TPU is a versatile polymer with excellent elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oils, abrasion, and weathering.
Coating Process: TPU coating is applied to the surface of the fabric through a heat-bonding process. This creates a protective layer that enhances the fabric's performance and characteristics.
Water Resistance: TPU-coated fabrics are highly water-resistant, making them suitable for applications where protection against moisture is essential.
3. Composite Structure:
Purpose of Composite Structure: The combination of Oxford fabric and TPU coating results in a composite material that leverages the strengths of both components. The Oxford fabric provides strength and durability, while the TPU coating enhances water resistance and other protective qualities.
Bonding Process: The Oxford fabric and TPU coating are typically bonded together to create a seamless and integrated structure. This bonding ensures that the fabric maintains its integrity under various conditions.
4. Black Color:
Aesthetic Appeal: The choice of black color adds to the aesthetic appeal of the fabric. Black is often preferred for its classic and versatile look, making it suitable for a range of applications.
UV Resistance: Black colors generally provide better UV resistance, helping to prevent fading and degradation when exposed to sunlight over time.
Uses and Applications:
Tarpaulins and Covers: The composite fabric is commonly used in the manufacturing of tarpaulins and covers for various purposes, including outdoor equipment protection, truck and vehicle covers, and temporary shelters.
Outdoor Gear: Due to its strength, durability, and water-resistant properties, the fabric is suitable for outdoor gear such as backpacks, tents, and camping equipment.
Industrial Applications: The composite fabric finds applications in industrial settings where robust and protective materials are needed, such as in the manufacturing of protective covers for machinery and equipment.
Waterproof Bags: The water-resistant nature of the TPU-coated fabric makes it ideal for the production of waterproof bags and backpacks.
Medical and Protective Equipment: The fabric's durability and protective features make it suitable for medical equipment covers, protective clothing, and other applications where resistance to moisture and durability are essential.